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Attention Ninjas!

2019 UNAA Ninja Competition

Are you up for it?

With a 22,000 square foot gym filled with ninja, parkour and OCR challenges, and a coaching staff of regular ninja and OCR competitors, we're bound and determined to put together a course that will challenge you.   Check out the video to see some of the fun that MIGHT be in store.  Of course the actual course is top secret!

Calling All Ninjas

General Information

On October 13, Kinetic Heights will be hosting its 3rd UNAA ninja competition.  This competition will be TOUGH, so bring your determination and grit.  But it's sure to be FUN as well, with age group divisions and different courses by age group.  

Are you ready to activate your ninja dreams?  Spots are limited, so register soon!

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Adult Division (16 and over)

Designed by our own Ninja and OCR coaches, the course is bound to be devilish, fun and exhausting.  The Adult division will be for competitors 16 and over and will include a professional and amateur division.  $30 entry fee.  Approximate start times are as follows.

  •  16 and over 12 pm
  •  Adult amateur 1 pm
  •  Adult professional 2 pm



Youth Division (ages 6-15)

Our parkour/ninja coaches are excited about this competition course!   Junior ninjas will run with others in their age group at a designated time on a course specific to their age group.  $30 entry fee.  Times are as follows: 

  •  9 and under 8 am
  •  11 and under 9 am
  •  13 and under 10 am
  •  15 and under 11 am

Cancellation Policy: All sales are final.  

Frequently Asked Questions

UNAA Registration

The price for the competition itself is $30 for one division or $50 for two divisions.  Registration with UNAA is $25 and that lasts until July of 2020.  UNAA Registration is optional but note that all athletes must be registered with the UNAA if they plan to compete in any other UNAA events. For instance, if an athlete only wants to compete in this competition and nothing else, then it is not required to register with the UNAA, but if the athlete finishes high enough to qualify for a regional competition and wishes to compete, then it is necessary to register. 


General Rules 

Consistent with UNAA standards, our courses will consist of between 7 and 15 obstacles, including at least 3 upper body, 3 lower body, and 1 balance obstacle.  The courses will be different depending on your age group.  The courses will not be revealed until the day of the competition.  Kinetic Heights employees may compete in the competition, except the course designer.  Climbing chalk is allowed (and encouraged) as well as general athletic tape.  Gloves and sticky fingers products are NOT allowed.