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Special Needs 3-1

Special Sessions

Confidence. Community. Social Skills.

At Kinetic Heights, we're passionate about building community and activating potential.  We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to discover their best selves and there are few things more magical than working with our friends from the special needs community.

With experienced staff members that regularly work with special needs adults, and a variety of class offerings to meet different needs, Kinetic Heights is well-suited to support your special needs family and friends.  

Witnessing their joyful embrace of obstacles and life is a gift to all of us!

Special Needs 2

Small Groups ($25 / session)

Small group sessions, offered Tuesday/Thursday afternoons, enable great growth opportunities.

  • Sessions include ground-based and adventure-based activities
  • Class goals include fitness, fun and community-building.
  • Programs enable personalized growth plans.
  • Emphasis on safety and encouragement
  • All activities are challenge-by-choice.

Group sizes 2-8.


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Special Needs Banner

Large Groups ($15 / session)

Offered Thursdays and Saturdays, our large group fitness and adventure sessions are fun, encouraging and build social skills.

  • Classes are structured, activity-based sessions.
  • Class objectives include fitness, fun and healthy life skills
  • Programs include community-building opportunities
  • Emphasis on safety and encouragement
  • All activities are challenge by choice

Group sizes generally 8-20.

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About Kinetic Heights

Our mission is to deliver transformative experiences that empower and inspire individuals, families, teams and communities.  We strive to support and encourage our clients to help them learn to Play Bigger, Reach Higher and Live Bolder!